Do you ever feel like your performances

are uneasy and lack confidence?

You can hear that something's not right, but you're not sure

where to start to fix it.

The solution? Polish Your Performance.

In these one on one, online coaching sessions
you'll transform your:

(Say goodbye to unpolished performances!👋🏽)

In these hour long sessions, I will give you constructive feedback on your initial performance of the song you want to focus on and then coach you through the challenges and blocks that are keeping you from giving a deep, passion-filled performance that showcases the best you have to offer!

And the great part is: you can have as many sessions as you want! I obviously cannot make any guarantees that you will be the next Ella Fitzgerald after a single session, but my promise to you is that we will crush as many of the obstacles holding you back as we can!

Meet your vocal coach:

Howdy, I'm Grace!

I’m the performance coach for Sing With Grace school.

What that means is I analyze vocal, theatrical, and live performances to encourage and coach performers how they can achieve their personal performance goals.

I am also a musical theatre enthusiast, a jazz singer, a Catholic, & the wife of a country singer-songwriter.

See that picture over there? I'm smiling because I am so excited to have the opportunity to work virtually with so many performers!

Let's get things straight: I'm not a multi-millionaire musician. I am however a:

  • Jazz Performance Artist wherever I'm living at the moment (my husband and I move around quite a bit due to the Marine Corps!)
  • Veteran of many community theatre musicals & 8 years as a saxophonist
  • Very detail-oriented coach when it comes to pitch training, body language, and pumping purpose into performance.

Which of these situations sound like you?

You're auditioning for a musical and need some experienced feedback to land the lead role.

I've advised dozens of middle-college students on how to rock their theatrical auditions.

You've got a performance coming up and need some pointers on how to sing more musically and connect with your song!

I can help you with all of the songs from your entire musical or just the most difficult parts of a song.

You're a gigging musician and you're not sure how to connect with your audience (and grow your fanbase!)

I love to dig deep into the meaning of songs and help musicians communicate their expressions onstage.

If any of those sound like you, I would love to help you . . .

. . . Choose The Best Coaching Option For You!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?

If you cancel / reschedule your coaching session 48 hours before the beginning of your session, I offer a 100% refund. Otherwise, I do not offer refunds for coaching. I cannot guarantee that you will be cast in any role at your audition or win American Idol.

I do promise that I will give you my best advice and attention for your coaching session(s) so you can achieve the polished performance you want!

How do I schedule my performance coaching session?

Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! I'd love to help you on a consistent basis if you'd like. Simply purchase the coaching again through this page!